TJR Wrestling Podcast #87: 2017 WWE Payback Preview and Raw/Smackdown Recap

April 27, 2017

 Welcome to the 87th episode of the TJRWrestling Podcast. Brought to you by TJRWrestling.Net. Hosted by John Canton and Rey Moralde.

We went off the rails a little bit on how gimmicks are these days in WWE before getting into a little bit of news. There will be biopic of Vince McMahon soon! How crazy is that? I bet Vince will play every version of him in the movie.

Then we talked about Raw and Smackdown. Raw took a few steps back as their storytelling continues to be shoddy. And Smackdown had a few nice moments. Then we previewed the upcoming supposedly Raw-exclusive PPV, Payback, when that show involves two current Smackdown superstars. That Superstar Shake-up really muddled things up.

Thanks for listening. We seriously appreciate it.

"You Look Fly Tonight" (Too Cool and Rikishi's theme)
"Glass Shatters" by Disturbed (Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme)


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